Information Wants to Be Free?

Just finished listening to recent talk by Cory Doctorow at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver about current intellectual property regulations in the digital environment and their absurd effects: disenfranchising authors, musicians, and other creators and overarming technical content intermediaries such as Viacom and Apple. He speaks both as highly successful writer/copyright beneficiary and as passionate defender of copyright’s use to defend and support individual creativity and autonomy. Highly recommended.

Last year’s hope, this year’s reality

Avoiding work by doing some house-cleaning on my Facebook profile this morning, I noticed a link I’d posted last year to Viva Obama, a rousing political mariachi music video. At the time I first saw it, it was an inspiration, showing just how broadly and deeply Obama’s call for hope and change was, and how his humble origins, his humanistic spirit and drive, his leaderly wisdom and eloquence were appreciated across the socioeconomic spectrum. Continue reading