Urban Winter Green

Our New Raised BedsBy the time we finished installing our three new raised beds between the house and the sidewalk and were ready to start planting, it was already mid-summer—late July—when vegetable seedlings were no longer available at most local garden stores. Sky Nursery, the biggest plant store in our part of Seattle, had only a few picked-over sets left. I left with a few over-seeded packs of rainbow chard, iceburg and crisphead lettuces, and a couple of sturdy cherry tomato plants, and before long, the young plants were elbow to elbow in our new raised beds. Continue reading

Lusting for Cherries

(No double entendre intended.) The half dozen cherry trees just down the block have been radiant for the past two weeks with fruit, both fiery, translucent sour cherries and deep-night tender sweet ones. I’ve had such delight climbing limb and ladder picking them for home and for sharing. Probably some 12 pounds have been pulled by my fingers from the trees, and yet far more remains. The bounty of fruit and other edible things from the ground is one of the things I love about living in Seattle.