Information Wants to Be Free?

Just finished listening to recent talk by Cory Doctorow at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver about current intellectual property regulations in the digital environment and their absurd effects: disenfranchising authors, musicians, and other creators and overarming technical content intermediaries such as Viacom and Apple. He speaks both as highly successful writer/copyright beneficiary and as passionate defender of copyright’s use to defend and support individual creativity and autonomy. Highly recommended.

Network Effects, Read-Write Cultures–Thoughts on Lessig Lecture

On Friday, the University of Washington hosted a free lecture with Lawrence Lessig, nominally a Stanford law professor but in substance an articulate, compelling, and engaging writer and speaker on issues relating to creativity, intellectual property, and politics.

In spite of the melba-toast texture of the topic, “Is Google (2008) the New Microsoft (1998),” what an engaging and (unexpectedly) empassioned talk it was. Continue reading