Elisa leaning against treeGreetings. I’m Elisa Coghlan, the wrangler of this blog.

Like so many of its bloggish kin, this site is a personal salon for ruminating about things read, seen, experienced, or that otherwise fire up the neurons and/or adrenalin. It covers a wide swath of territory, from libraries (where I work and which I currently study) to South Asia (which fascinates me) to domestic adventures (which add spark to the everyday).

Fulfilling the routine who-am-I protocol: I’m a technician for the South Asian and Middle Eastern collections of  the University of Washington Libraries, an MLIS candidate in UW’s iSchool, a member of the AFSCME-WFSE union, a partner to a loving husband of nearly 15 years, and a good many other things that would stretch this modest page to unreadable lengths (and, no doubt, the good reader’s interest well past its peak).

A footnote about the header art for this site: The images are late-19th and early-20th century book illustrations by Walter Crane, Frank Papé, and Ivan Bilibin, scanned from the originals, which are part of my book collection.